> > I am logging server activity to a MySQL database.  Unfortunately, I
> > have yet found a way to log the number of bytes being transferred to a
> > visitor.  The closest I've come to anything like that is
> > apache_lookup_uri() but I'm not sure it's meant to handle such a
> > thing.  Does anyone know a solution to this?
> I wouldn't use PHP for this at all.  Look at Apache's Piped Logs feature
> that sends log entries to an external process for logging.  Should be
> relatively simple to pipe it to something that enters the information into
> a MySQL DB.  I bet something exists that does just that somewhere.
> -Rasmus

I made a little C program to do this a couple of years ago. I'm not very
good at C but if you want the source anyway, just email me.

Incidentally, the number of bytes transferred to the client is available in
the Apache logging - check the Apache manual for the format specifier under
the LogFormat directive.


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