The $link argument is optional.  If you don't specify one it will just use
the last one created.


On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Yamin Prabudy wrote:

> Hi there there is something missing in the documentation.....
> in this case is about mysql
> here is the source that i paste from the website
> --------------------------------------
> $link = mysql_connect("mysql_host", "mysql_login", "mysql_password")
>         or die ("Could not connect");
>     print ("Connected successfully");
>     mysql_select_db ("my_database")
>         or die ("Could not select database");
>     $query = "SELECT * FROM my_table";
>     $result = mysql_query ($query)
>         or die ("Query failed");
> ---------------------------------------
> as i see the $link that do mysql_connect had been state but never been call in the 
>progress such as mysql_select_db("my_database")  [ sould be 
>mysql_select_db("my_database",$link) ]
> so i assume that there wouldn't be any connection to mysql.....
> sorry if i'm wrong
> but for the newbies it's can be a miss guide
> Thanks in Advance
> Yamin Prabudy

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