Being a rather new to php I find myself completely stuck on a script which
is possibly a piece of cake for most of you:

I want to set up a weekly ezine. Both email addresses and news articles will
be retrieved from two separate MySQL tables called "subscribers" and

I put together the following script but it doesn't work the way I want it


$listquery = "SELECT emailaddress FROM subscribers";
$listresult = mysql_query($listquery);
while($listrow = mysql_fetch_array($listresult))
$newsquery = "SELECT * FROM newsarticles"; 
$newsresult = mysql_query($newsquery); 
while($newsrow = mysql_fetch_array($newsresult)) 
$message = $newsrow[article]; 

$recipient = $listrow[emailaddress]; 
$subject = "Welcome to my ezine"; 
$mailheaders = "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]\n"; 
$mailheaders .= "Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]"; 

mail($recipient, $subject, $message, $mailheaders); 

echo ("The message has been sent</p>"); 


That's it. A message IS being sent to all subscribers, but somehow, this message only 
contains the latest newsarticle in the database in stead of the whole array. What am I 
doing wrong? 

Any help in this will be greatly appreciated! 


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