I would use javascript... have javascript sleep for the time period,
then switch a hidden variable to indicate they didn't finish, then
submit the form.
It's not bullet proof in that I could just turn javascript off on my
machine, but it works...
In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
Tom Henry  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>Could someone steer me in the right direction for this one - I can't 
>seem to see the forest for the trees.
>I want to be able to show the user a set of _quiz_ questions - and 
>almost simultaneously (that part's not critical bit) start a _timer_ for 
>the quiz session.
>The critical bit is that if the preset "time allowed" expires -- I need 
>to interrupt the user, capture their answer up to that point in time, 
>and send them to the examiner.
>Of course if they finish inside the time limit by submitting the quiz 
>form - we would just kill the session.
>SO - how do I interrupt the user after a set period of time????
>Thanks for any/all clues for this one.
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