> Using the following code, the two files copyUp.pl and convert.pl
> aren't called.  I can run them peachy dandy from the commandline
> with the expected results.  I've tried system(), exec(), and back tics.

> $command = "/home/copyUp.pl $sellerid $image";
> exec($command, $output, $error);
> if($error)
> {
> echo "OS Error1 $error<br>";
> }

Do you get this error output?  What number?
If not, add this:

echo implode("<BR>\n", $output);

Are the Perl scripts world-executable?
Do they start with #! /usr/bin/perl, or are you relying on shell
configuration to "know" they are Perl scripts, which PHP's shell probably

Does either Perl script access other files to which "nobody" might not have

Why are you using Perl anyway? :-)

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