> "...Please also note that the cc: and bcc: headers are case sensitive and
should be written > as Cc: and Bcc: on Win32 systems."

This depends more on the mailing software you use that Win32-ness.  There
might even exist some lame-ass Un*x software somewhere that insists on
case-sensitivity, which is still in accordance with RFC-spec, though
somewhat niggardly so.

> <?php
>  /* subject and message are arguments returned from the form */
>     $headers = "From: Me <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\r\nCc:
> mail($address, $subject, $message, $headers);
> ?>

Me <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> is the trouble-maker.  I dunno exactly if you can only
use [EMAIL PROTECTED] or what, but for sure what you got ain't working...

>     $headers = "cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED]\r\nbcc: [EMAIL PROTECTED];

Ah, but now the From: is not in there, so it works.

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