>hi all,

>I cant seem to get my mail function to work. OK so i am a noob, that might
>have something to do with it.  I am using a script I found called the HTML
>Mime Mail Class, which does everything i need except actually send the mail.
>I am guessing that there is some config problems, but i am not sure.  Even
>when i try and use the mail() function i get a server error.  So i guess
>that my problem is that my return address is messed up.  Does it have to  be
>my own domain, or the domain that the server is running on?  Can i set the
>return address as a hotmail account, or do i need my own server mail
>program?  And is there anything that i need to config in the php.ini file?
>Thanks for helping,
>T P K Cannell

This article by the most helpful Julie Meloni answers your question: 

  Boaz Amit

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