Thank you for the help Tina  :-)) 
I getting a good experience working with PHP  and HTML
(forms). Because of my full time job and personal
commitments, I haven't been able to spend  as much of
my free time as I could in my project (Free Gallery
Management System). After October I hope to dedicate
more of my free time on this project.

The project will be open source and public domain. It
will be developed with the help of PHP, a and
PostgreSQL. More information  about the project can be
seen at the following web site:
     Login Name:  guest
     Password:    guest
If you have any comments, suggestions or if you want
to participate, e-mail me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] Your
input is very valuable to me.
Adios, miguel
--- Tina <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The solution:
> You have to configure php with --enable-discard-path
> as in:
> ./configure --without-apache --enable-discard-path
> before you compile it.
> This is documented here:
> http://www.php.net/manual/en/security.php
> in the section:
> Case 4: PHP parser outside of web tree
> Now when you do <!--#include virtual='php.cgi'-->
> the #!/path/to/php will not show at the top of the
> page.
> (The problem was indeed not local to windows).
> Tina.

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