>In MS SQL server,  table data can be uploaded on webserver by using the
>Enterprise Manager by using the export option.
>Is there any feature in Mysql to upload the data on webserver?


I'm also willing to bet the MySQL FAQ has something about importing files in

>I understand that it can be done with the help of SQL script file. This is
>the only way or some another way also is there?

If you have SQL statements to execute rather than mysql_dump data, it might
be easier to do:
cat yourfile.sql | mysql yourdatabase

You may need to add -u=yourusername -p after the mysql and type your
username/password blindly...

>Also, Pl. let me know:
>1.   How to create SQL script file, with what extension it is to be saved?
>The format?

It's just a text file with SQL statements in it.
I usually use .sql, but you can use any extension you like.

>2.   How to call/execute/run that file using php?

There's no real need to involve PHP, unless your client needs to do this
repeatedly...  Even then, phpMyAdmin or some other tools probably exist for
you to research to find one that imports the data you have in whatever
format your client can handle creating...

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