Disregard the previous message.....

I found the problem, I was overwriting the variable later in my script.

Thanks anyway....


"Mindblender" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm sure that this is a simple fix, but I can't figure it out.
> I am trying to setup a sign-up screen that requires the user to type in
> their password twice to verify that they typed it in correctly.  My
> is, how do I compare the two entries?
> In my HTML form I have two fields, password and password_check.
> My PHP looks like this:
> <?
>     if ($password != $password_check) {
>       $error_msg .= "Passwords do not match!<br>";
>       $continue = "no";
>     }
> ?>
> When I try to enter two different values in the HTML fields, my php does
> return anything.  Its as if it doesn't see it.
> Any help would be great.
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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