> $invalid = array("1","3","9");
> $questions = array("1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9");
> $new_questions = array("<font color=red>1</font>",
>                        "2",
>                        "<font color=red>3</font>",
>                        "4","5","6","7","8",
>                        "<font color=red>4</font>");

There's no one-line built-in array_xxx function to do that, AFAIK.  This
isn't Lisp, after all :-)

while (list($index, $qid) = each($questions)){
    if (in_array($qid, $invalid)){
        $new_questions[$index] = "<font color=red>$qid</font>";
        $new_questions[$index] = $qid;

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