Just to add to Arjen and Phils advice you need to the following.

 From your C:\PHP directory you need to copy the files from the dlls
directory to the C:\windows\system  directory .

Also from your C:\PHP directory you will need to copy the php4ts.dll to your
C:\windows\system directory

I hope that helps

Andrew Stopford

<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Dear Friends,
> I am new to PHP (but familiar with ASP,JSP) and would like to have some
> guidance notes from you.
> I am using windows 98 OS on my PC with PWS installed on it.
> I want to install PHP that runs on windows using PWS.
> For this I have done the following:
> 1.   Downloaded php for windows from www.php.net , its is of about 738
> bytes.
> 2.   I extracted the same in c:\php  folder.
> 3.   shifted the php.ini in c:\windows folder.
> My queries are:
> 1.   In which folder I have to place my php files? whether in c:
> \inetpub\wwwroot  folder where other asp files I put.
>      Because, when I put test.php file in c:\inetpub\wwwroot folder and
>      called by using http://localhost/test.php  , It showed a blank white
>      sheet that is without interpreting php.
> 2.   Whether I have omitted any step for installation?
>    Pl. clarify.
>    Ajay K. Ratra
>    Ludhiana (INDIA)

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