Well, Thank you for the info.
When I'm on the server by myself, there's no problem, the processes hanging around 
really don't matter & the program runs fine.  When I put over into public use on a (I 
assume) heavily utilized server I get emalloc errors.  The 2 systems were made the 
I seem to have got it working for now.  Unfortunately when I can use a database isn't 
up to me, so I guess I'll just keep tweaking things until I get the "go ahead".
Thank you, again

>watching apache processes (top), trying to track memory usage.  It seems to
vary size between >14M & 16M  & vary RES from 12M to 14M.  Is this varying
normal? Is this size normal? (2400

Those numbers are normal and are inclusive of SHARED memory segments, so
will add up way higher than actual memory usage.  IE, they have virtually no
real-world meaning.

>line program reading a 1400 row/29 col. spreadsheet into an array...yes, it
is necessary to >have the whole thing in the array at one time, at least, I
can't figure out a way not to.) I

For sure you could read one row at a time, put it into a database, and do
virtually any sort of operation on it you could possibly need...

Way more efficient.

>would think the same program ran repeatedly should require approx. the same
memory each

Give or take, but are there other pages being loaded/visited that use other
resources, or are you the only surfer on this site?...

>time.  Also, I seem to have apache processes hanging around for days.  So
that even running a >little 4 line echo/sleep/echo program will pick up one
of these rogue process id's & then it >appears that the 4 line program is
running at 14M/12M  now, that's just not possible.  Is it >normal for the
process id's to hang around in sleep mode interminally like that?  If I

They aren't really actively using all that RAM.  It's shared.  You can set
max_requests and other fun things in httpd.conf to kill off the older httpd
processes if you really think they're no good anymore.  And if they're
sleeping, they aren't really using much of anything anyway.  They won't wake
up until you have multiple hits at the same time asking them to do
something.  "Let the awake guy handle it" is their motto, until there's a
request where nobody's awake and not busy.

> restart apache, the processes of course die, but I can't do that
constantly.  Is there a way >to free up the memory that I'm just not aware
of?  Or something I should be looking at that >I'm not?  I'm at a loss, I'm
more likely to blame my code (only my 2nd php program) than a >php/apache
bug or something of the like.  But I haven't a clue where to look. (changing
the >way I handled the array slightly & using unset I did manage to save
approx. 4M, but I'll need >to save more than that as the spreadsheet grows).
Eventually it may all go into a database, >but not any time soon.

Change your mind about that last sentence.  Throw it into a database one row
at a time, and you'll save yourself a lot of headache.  The database stuff
in PHP really is that easy, that you don't want to do anything remotely like
database work without it.

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