Try searching for "javascript" and "reference" on Google for online
references. If you want a decent book, get something like "JavaScript:
The Definitive Guide" by David Flanagan, published by O'Reilly.

Regardless, pay attention to flags stating IE or Netscape only! :)

-Al (used to use your handle "lemming" *way* back when)

On Tue, 14 Aug 2001 22:58:44 -0300, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Christian
Dechery) wrote:

>Sorry for the OT but, but I'm struggling to get my forms to have a good 
>validation in JavaScript.
>Does anyone know a complete reference to JavaScript, like, with all 
>objects, it's functions, parameters and etc...
>that would help a lot..
> Christian Dechery (lemming)
> Gaita-L Owner / Web Developer

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