The prototype is a single user, 16 bits application,
developed in Borland C++ 4.x in a Windows 3.x
environment. You should be able to run it on the
following operating systems: DOS 5.0 or later, Windows
3.1 and Windows 95/98. To get familiar with the way
the system works, you could download the installation
executable for the prototype and try it out. It will
help you understand the system requirements better.

I was supposed to start working in this idea way back
in Oct 2000, when I first posted the information about
the project on the CU web site (10/02/00). Because of
my full time job at the Admen. Office of the US Courts
in Washington DC and other personal commitments (I
will be getting married on Set 29th 2001), I haven't
had a opportunity to spend as much time as I would
like on this project . I will be donating as much of
my free time as I can on the project after Oct 2001.

So far I am the only one working in this project
(designing, implementation and development). My
brother is not a programmer but he has a MA on art
management so he has been able the help me in the
areas of gallery and museum management. I would like
the have other people involved in this endeavor,
specially accounts and php programmers, but I think
that there is enough work for anybody that is willing
to help in any way, shape or form.

The reason I asked Tina to take a look at the
information about my project, was because she help me
with a problem that I was having running a php script
in Win 95/98. I havenít asked for help for the project
on the php mailing list, because I thought that my
first priority was to get familiar with php and html.
Anyway I am very happy that you would like to
participate in this challenging work. 

I would like the code the released under the GNU-
General Public Licences (GPL) as published by the Free
Software Foundation, but nothing is written in stone.
I hope to get ideas and suggestion from all the
participants on the project in what will be the best
way to precede in the design, implementation and
development of this application.

Please, let me know what are your thoughts regarding
the information you have seen so far. 

Adios, miguel

>From: World Wide Web User 
>Subject: comments about the Free Gallery Management
>Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 16:33:42 -0400 (EDT) 
>this app is dos based currently and is going to be
ported to the web, is this correct? when are you going
to start this project? how many people do you have on
board? Ive worked on quite a few e-commerce projects,
I would like to try something new, I think this would
be challenging. 
>what will the code be released under? closed, gpl,
> Chris Lee 

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