Re below, I am just curious if anybody on this list
has already written a "significant" application using
PHP/Gtk.  I keep looking at Gtk, but it still seems
to be too much shifting sand right now.  I want to
use these widgets et al for some applications that
I would normally use Python for.

The great disadvantage seems, of course, the difficulty
to port/use something in PHP/Gtk for Windows...


Pavel Jartsev wrote:
> Tom Malone wrote:
> >
> > I don't think PHP-GTK does that, does it?
> >From
> Too often PHP is thought of as only an HTML-embedded web scripting
> language. However, it is also a very full-featured
> general purpose language that can be used for much more. One of the
> goals behind this project was to prove that PHP can
> be used to write client-side GUI applications.

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