Paul S. wrote:
> I design a website on a PC, and upload it to UNIX. Of course, there
> are always one or two variables that I have to keep track of as to
> whetherteh server is UNIX or PC. There MUST be a simple way to test

Just do a phpinfo(). There should be an environment-variable you should 
be able to use. The safest way to retrieve them ist getenv().

getenv('SAPI') perhaps?

> if (the OS is Windows) {
>  $siteurl = "http:// ";
>  $mysqlpasswordfilelocation = " ... outsideroot.txt ";
> }else{
>  $siteurl = "";;
>  $mysqlpasswordfilelocation = " ...outsideroot.txt  ";
> }

You could also use a config-file. This way, you could run your scripts 
on more than two sites.


PS: My PC is running UNIX.

Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.

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