Ok, I've searched the archives and even contacted the Zend staff on this
one, and I'm still confused. I also posted this question at the Zend
Optimizer Forum but have not received an answer. I'm hoping one of you has
some idea of how the Zend Optimizer works and can explain it. My webhost
offers PHP 4 on Linux/Apache with the Zend Optimizer (v0.99) Engine (v1.0.3)
and I have checked phpinfo() to make sure it's installed and running. I
would like to optimize a particular function that generates a graph image on
the fly. What do I need to do make use of the Zend Optimizer? Is it used
automatically or do I first need to compile the code into a binary file? If
someone knows a great source of info on this (other than www.zend.com), that
would be helpful too.

Johan Alfredeen

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