No I'm not passing credit card numbers.

I have to receive the variables from the payment processing company because
my clients ISP is not using cURL and I can't do a secure post of the info to

> From: "Data Driven Design" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 13:21:53 -0400
> To: "Tom Beidler" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, "php list"
> Subject: Re: [PHP] loose variables when url parsed through Netscape
> You're not sending CC numbers in the url as plain text are you? That's a
> REALLY BAD idea. You should store the information in your database before
> you go to processing the CC (name, address, etc.) and don't store CC
> numbers, the liability is much more than you're being paid. If you store it
> ahead of time all you need to pass in the url from the processing company is
> an id# to look up the info in your database.
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