It's not very usual for the simple reason that many people who have access
to a PHP web server don't use it, they just use normal HTML. The problem
with having HTML execute as PHP is that it uses the PHP module when it
mightn't need to. On my webserver the extensions which are parsed as PHP are
.php and .php3, I think this is the normal setup for web servers.


P.s. Would u not like to show your support for PHP by displaying the .php

"Paul S." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> My UNIX apache server that I host from seems to be preset to execute PHP
> code within html docs. That is, a php require statement within a ".html"
> file is included, executed,  and sent to the browser.
> Is this unusual? or standard? I ask because I would hope not to become
> dependent on including php code in html docs and have them switch a
> server setting back.
> Of course, if that happens I guess I could rename my files from ".html"
> to ".php". But I really prefer to just having ".html" appear in the
> browser URL bar.

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