i have compiled php as a cgi binary on my linux box. i want to be able to
tell the binary which ini file to use on the command line, which i thought
would be the -c switch.


    ./php -?


    Usage: php [-q] [-h] [-s [-v] [-i] [-f <file>] |  {<file> [args...]}
      -q             Quiet-mode.  Suppress HTTP Header output.
     -s             Display colour syntax highlighted source.
     -f <file>      Parse <file>.  Implies `-q'
     -v             Version number
     -C             Do not chdir to the script's directory
     -c <path>      Look for php.ini file in this directory
     -a             Run interactively
     -d foo[=bar]   Define INI entry foo with value 'bar'
     -e             Generate extended information for debugger/profiler
     -z <file>      Load Zend extension <file>.
      -l             Syntax check only (lint)
     -m             Show compiled in modules
     -i             PHP information
     -h             This help

but entering either of:

    ./php -c /path/to/ini/ mytest.php
    ./php -c /path/to/ini/php.ini mytest.php

tells me that it is using the following (and incorrect) ini file:


does anybody know how to accomplish this?


jamie burns.

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