Hi all,

I'm trying to make an URL validator, but I'm kind of stuck now.

What I awnt it to do is as follows:

It first checks to see if the server is up or down by doing a general 
fopen() on the URL.

It then opens the URL in some way, checks the HTTP response code and 
spews out a meaningful message to the user.
E.g. if it's a 404, the user will get a message saying the the page was 
not found.

Has anybody done this before and have the kind heart to share it with me? ;)


Stig-rjan Smelror

Linux Communications AS
Sandakerveien 48b
Box 1801 - Vika
N-0123 Oslo, Norway

tel. +47 22 09 28 80
fax. +47 22 09 28 81

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