I wanna do this Insert:

INSERT INTO sysdba_product_link VALUES ('','Y4DHVA00000Q','CV/ 
Boiler','','010','CVs','','7-12-2000 12:52:25','ADMIN','7-12-2000 
12:52:25','ADMIN','Solo + 
CV-Boiler','','','','','','','','Feenstra','','','','','','','','','S-HR 24');

In the following database structure.... what is wrong because it gives a error....and 
I don't see a problem in the insert line...???
And already thanks for the help!!


      Field Type Attributes Null Default Extra 
      PRODUCT_link  int(11)    No    auto_increment  
      PRODUCTID  text    No      
      NAME  text    No      
      DESCRIPTION  longtext    No      
      ACTUALID  text    No      
      FAMILY  text    No      
      PRICE  double    No  0    
      CREATEDATE  text    No      
      CREATEUSER  text    No      
      MODIFYDATE  text    No      
      MODIFYUSER  text    No      
      PRODUCTGROUP  text    No      
      STATUS  text    No      
      UNIT  text    No      
      STOCKVOLUME  int(11)    No  0    
      STOCKWEIGHT  int(11)    No  0    
      STOCKITEM  text    No      
      PROGRAM  text    No      
      SUPPLIER  text    No      
      VENDOR  text    No      
      SITEID  text    No      
      WAREHOUSELOCATION  text    No      
      COMMISSIONABLE  text    No      
      TAXABLE  text    No      
      ACCOUNTINGPERIOD  text    No      
      GLACCOUNTNUMBER  text    No      
      GLSUBACCOUNTNUMBER  text    No      
      DATAOWNER  text    No      
      TYPE  text    No      

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