At the moment I am writing the PHP support for KDevelop3.0 
(http://www.kdevelop.org). The IDE ist modular and it is very easy to write 
plugins, so it is possible to implement support for all languages, make 
tools, GUI builders and so on. Actually there are plugins for C/C++, Java, 
Python, Perl and PHP. 
The complete program ist opensource and was developed by some people in their 

At the moment there are following features in the PHP mode.

-modern editor with syntaxhighlighting (other editors are partly supported, 
for instance Nedit)
-class and function parser including different views (treeview, graphical 
-intelligent Code Completion and argument help
-executing php scripts with shell or webserver (no finished yet)
-debugingtool for POSIX regular expressions
-project generation (application wizard) and projectmanagment
-documentation browser for the php documentation
-nice grep frontend
-classtools (generate new class..)
and so on.
Please look at a current screenshot to get a preview:

Following features are planed
-debugger and profiler support (http:((dd.cron.ru/dbg)
-support for PHPDOC and similar tools
-support for  phpgtk (generation of framework...)
-better support for HTML (table generation, tags ...)
-code assistent (generate small codeparts from template)
and so on.

OK, now to the intentation of my email :-)

At the moment I'm the only one who implement the PHP support, so maybe 
someone want to help? It is more fun and we will get faster a first 
release.:-)  The IDE is written in C++, but the plugins can written in Java 
too, if someone want to do this. 
If you have some ideas or want to help please contact me. Thanks!

ICQ: 27681958
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