I'm so new to this, in fact, that I may not be able to
even frame my question correctly.  Please bear with me.

Suppose that I had a list in a data base of, say, countries
and that I built an array as

$states = array (
                array("abbr"=>"MA", "name"=>"Massachusetts"),
                array("abbr"=>"NY", "name"=>"New York"),
                array("abbr"=>"CA", "name"=>"California"),
                               [. . .]

is there a way to dump this array in a form which would allow
it to be written to an 'include' file.  I tried both var_dump
and print_r but neither method seems to have worked correctly.
The actual array which I have in mind is much more complicated
structurally than the states array shown above, but it is
unlikely to change more than once a day so it seems wastefull
to probe the database each time a copy is needed.


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