Hello all,

I have just recently found out that there is a bug in the function
ImageTTFText regarding the font name.  Apparently no matter what you enter,
the font is unable to be loaded regardless if you put an absolute path or
not to the filename.  I read some where that it was fixed in the CSV.

My problem is that I need 4.0.6 as I am doing some work with 24-bit PNG
images and 4.0.5 doesn't seem to support the high colours.  The images work
fine in 4.0.6 but now the font function doesn't work.  So I guess I am
asking is if I want to get the new version working before the next release,
I will need to download the CSV tree and manually compile everything?  If
this is the case, is there some where that explains what is necessary to
compile the PHP, GD, FreeType and ODBC libraries under the Win32 platform?
Do when know when the next release will be coming out?

Any help that you can provide would be appreciated.  Thanks.


Richard Morris

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