IMHO, a major consideration for Web apps is contention and s
synchronization.  If you intend to allow users to update
data on in the app it becomes important to coordinate writes
(with locking) so that no two users can write to the same (region)
of the file at the same time.  An RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL) or a directory
(OpenLDAP) takes care of this (as well as many other problems 
with data storage and retrieval).  I agree with the other statements I've
seen here, but wanted to add this as well.   I've done it both ways
and the DBMS, Directory route tends to be a better solution.   This is
code reuse of the best kind.

My humble $0.02.


On Sat, Aug 18, 2001 at 09:29:56PM +0100, David Ovens wrote:
> Before I start creating an Sql table/database, thought I would ask for advice first.
> I am creating a directory online, with urls information, links, email addresses etc 
>etc.  What do you think is best a MySql database or writing it to a file using 
>fopen/fwrite (flat file) ???  Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.
> Thanks
> Dave

Andrew Libby
Director of Technology
CommNav, Inc

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