>not show after the user press the reload button. Is there a way that the
page reaload >automatically the data from the database without the user
pressing the reload button?  Thanks

Not really -- You can send no-cache and expiration headers, so they'll
*HAVE* to reload to see anything at all, but it won't auto-reload.

Another option:

Have the page POST to itself, and re-generate the new list after the INSERT.

Here's a crude example:

    if (isset($newcat)){
        $query = "insert into categories(name) values('$newcat')";
        mysql_query($query) or die("Could not execute $query");
    $query = "select id, name from categories order by name";
    $cats = mysql_query($query) or die("Could not execute $query");
    echo "<SELECT>\n";
    while (list($id, $name) = mysql_fetch_row($cats)){
        echo "<OPTION VALUE=$id>$name</OPTION>\n";
    echo "</SELECT><BR>\n";
    echo "<INPUT NAME=newcat><BR>\n";
    echo "<INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT>\n";
    echo "<FORM>\n";

Since the INSERT happens at the top, the new entry will always show up as he

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