> I'm trying to integrate an Internet Telephony service for a client. I have
> number of variables I need to dump into the clients database and then to
> pass to the Internet Telephony service via a Perl script they have
> for me that will reside on the client's server. Can I somehow pass them
> "behind the scenes" or should I use a redirect. There is info I need to
> away from the end user, mainly the phone number.

exec("/path/to/perl/script '$phone_number' '$more_data' '$whatever'",
$results, $errorcode);
while (list(,$line) = each($results)){
    echo $line, "<BR>\n";
if ($errorcode){
    echo "OS Error Code: $errorcode.  Usually path/permissions.  man

Or is the Perl script on a *DIFFERENT* server from your PHP script?...  Then
you'll need to use "cURL" or fopen or something to talk to that server.

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