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Emailing me off-list to continue is always kosher though. :-)

Emailing me off-list with a whole new question is silly, but I try to
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> on response to a question about variable $PATH_INFO  , you said me:
> Is Apache configured to pass that variable on?
> Did you compile as CGI -- IE, are you using "Action" in your httpd.conf or
> LoadModule/AddModule?
> --------
> but how to configure to pass that variable ?

I dunno.  I just know that virutally all of the pre-defined variables such
as $PATH_INFO are either sent in by Apache because it was configured to, or

If $PATH_INFO is one of those, you'll need to find your httpd.conf file and
dig through there to see if it has anything related to something that looks
like a setting to pass on path information to Modules.

I asked about the CGI thing because there's a --enable-discard-path that you
use for CGI that, umm, I never have understood those CGI-related directives,
so it might (or might not) be related to PATH_INFO.  Fortunately, there's
only two or three of them, so it's only a matter of four or a dozen attempts
to ./configure;make to get one that works.  Yes, that's how I do it :-)

Actually, I guess you *COULD* have used --enable-discard-path with your
Module compilation...  Dunno for sure what the effect would be...

Hopefully, you now realize that I have only a vague understanding of all the
install issues, but it's enough to focus you down to only a few things to
look at.  Try the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list if you want real experts on
install issues. :-)

> what is action ?
> i'm using LoadModule/AddModule for php4

If you were running PHP as a CGI (ie, *not* using LoadModule/AddModule) you
would be using Alias/Action *instead* of LoadModule/AddModule in httpd.conf
All of these Apache directives are documented far better than I could
explain at http://apache.org

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