> - Is declaring all variables a good idea - so theres no unassigned
> variables hanging around ? (no warnings produced when error reporting
> set to E_ALL)

You mean INITIALIZING.  There are no variable declarations in PHP.

And, yes, it's a good idea so you're never surprised by a variable that you
end up using twice.

> - Naming of include files - .inc or .php ?
> - naming of class files .inc or .php ?

Name them .inc, *AND* move them outside the web tree if you can++, *AND*
configure Apache to NEVER, EVER serve up an .inc file in any way, shape, or

++ The scale and scope of your project may require so many .inc files with
the same names that you need to place them in the same directory as the PHP
files that use them.  Just be sure Apache won't serve them up.

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