> I'm on virtual hosting that lets me configure anything with .htaccess
> file. I was recomended by provider to specify location of sendmail in
> case I want to use php mail() function I know that I may do it in
> htaccess file by adding php_value sendmail_path
> /usr/sbin/sendmail The qwestion is can I do anything else but
> correcting the path in .htaccess, this is the last thing I want to do.

First of all, you'll need:

php_value sendmail_path "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t"

Yes, you need the quotes.
And possibly some other options inside quotes depending on your ISP's
configuration of sendmail.

I don't understand your ISP's rationale for requiring you to do this in
.htaccess instead of just doing it himself...  Either he's letting you use
mail() or he's not.

I also don't understand why you are loathe to do this...  Unless you've
heard ".htaccess is slow" (which it is).  Alas, since your ISP has already
turned on .htaccess support, you're *NOT* causing any additional significant
slow-down to *utilize* the feature.  The slowness is in Apache looking for
the damn file, not in your putting (reasonable) stuff in it.

Oh yeah, to answer your original question :-)

You probably *COULD* set up an SMTP server on some other machine and just
fsockopen() to that SMTP server and spew your emails to that.  This will be
way more faster anyway.  Or, perhaps your ISP has an SMTP server that PHP
can fsockopen() and spew to.  Depends on how he configured it.  There's all
sorts of sample code for this SMTP spewing, so you needn't write it from
scratch -- though it ain't rocket science.  I did it, so it *CANNOT* be that
difficult. :-)

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