On Mon, 20 Aug 2001 11:25, Chris Schneck wrote:
> Since i have little experience with arrays, and the manuals / readme
> files online havent been able to help me, I was wondering if anyone had
> any ideas why this code doesnt work?
> // get the keywords from db
>         $keyquery = ("select fld_keyword_word from tbl_keyword order by
> rand()");
>         $keyresult = mysql_query($keyquery) or die ("couldnt randomize
> words");
> // put them into an array
>         while ($keyrow = mysql_fetch_array($keyresult))
>         {
>         $keyword[] = '$keyrow["fld_keyword_word"]';
>         }
> // print the keywords with a function
>         $mykeywords = implode(", ", $keyword);
>         function print_keywords()
>         {
>         echo ($mykewords);
>         }

What part doesn't work?

         $keyword[] = '$keyrow["fld_keyword_word"]';

would possibly be better without the single quotes, and I don't se where 
youe are calling the print_keywords function; which wouldn't work as is 
because it doesn't have access to the variable $mykeywords either from 
being passed as a parameter or made available as a global.

Also you misspelled $mykeywords in the function :-)

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