Thanks to CC Zona and David Robley for their help in gettin this code out.
This code is really nice for satisfying search engines. It offers different
page content every time you refresh and if you feel like spamming, just use
print_keywords(); here and there to be more relevant :) I'll post the code
in case anyone else wishes to use it.

// get the keywords from db
        $keyquery = ("select fld_keyword_word from tbl_keyword order by
        $keyresult = mysql_query($keyquery) or die ("couldnt randomize

// put them into an array
        while ($keyrow = mysql_fetch_array($keyresult))
        $keyword[] = $keyrow["fld_keyword_word"];
        $mykeywords = implode(", ", $keyword);

// print the keywords with a function
        function print_keywords()
        global $mykeywords;
        echo ($mykeywords);

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