select * from yourtable where question like '%life%'

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Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 12:22:15 +0200

>I am a newbie to php + mysql and wanted to ask for some help on a
>particular item which I can't seem to find "the right key" in the
>documentation.  I am trying to set up a simple Q&A system with an entry
>page where one can select to either have all questions & answers from a
>mysql database displayed or else search with a text field for only
>those questions which contain a certain word(s).
>Can someone tell me how to set in a query when trying to find records
>in a mysql table that have a certain word or perhaps 2 or 3 words
>(among others) ...? 
> I know about using SELECT and WHERE in order to find records which
>match *exactly*, but am looking for something a bit different ...
>The values of 3 records for the "question" field of the database might
>be the following:
>[1] How do you deal with anger?
>[2] Ever been full of anger in your life?
>[3] Is life always easy?
>How can I set a PHP query with SELECT and WHERE to express the
>Which questions contain the word "life"? That is, have someone search
>the database in the "question" field for records where the word "life"
>is used as part of the question ...  The result then should return the
>records 2 & 3 above
>Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks mucho.
>God bless you with His grace and peace 
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