Help me!

I'm working with sessions and having some difficulty. I have my
session_register(variable) at the top of page 1 and page 2.

I use the session_unregister(variable) at the bottom of page 2, everything
seems to work fine at this point. The problem is,

sometimes the user needs to visit page 1 but doesn't nessessaraly have to
visit page 2. I've noticed that my variable

sometimes contains values that are concatenated due to the fact that the
user never reached the session_unregister(variable)

on page 2. What do I do? I can't unregister it at the bottom of page 1 or at
the top of page 2 since I need to pass the value

of that variable to page 2. I tried to use the session_unregister right
before the session_register at the top of page 1 but

that didn't work. The variable was still concatenated. What do I do?

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