I have done something like this.
For the site I am working on, the user must log on. At the logon screen I

header ("Location: https://logon_screen";);

every page has an include that checks $HTTPS as part of the sessions and
validation. If https!="on" then it kicks you back to the logon screen.

you could do the same using

header ("Location: https://$SERVER_NAME/$PHP_SELF";);

I think

Don't know if that's what you're after, but it's what I've done and I have a
high index of suspicion that it is working...


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Subject: [PHP] Re: HTTPS w/ header() ?

> > Is there is a way with PHP (most probably headers) to go HTTPS mode?
> > I don't want to specify https://www.myserver.com/secured_page.php
> > I just want it normal but in it's header to tell the browser to initiate
> an
> > HTTPS mode.
> I don't think you can do that...
> You could send a header to do:
> header("Location: https://www.myserver.com/secured_page.php";);
> but pretty much the user will then see the https when the page shows up...
> What's the big picture here?  I've got a feeling you've gone down a wrong
> path that's making you ask this question...
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