FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                  
August 15, 2001
                                                   GHOSTRIDERX RIDES FLOWLAB'S
                                                DEEP CARVE(tm) ONTO THE INTERNET

Los Angeles, California USA  - Where do you go to buy Flowlab's Deep Carve singularly 
skateboard (the ride that received the Design Distinction Award from I.D. Magazine)?  
Well, thanks 
to the launch of GHOSTRIDERX.COM, all you gotta do is log on, click your mouse a 
couple of times 
and the smoothest, most fluid skateboard ride of your life will be jetting its way to 
your home.

Brainchild of extreme skater, snowboarder, downhill ski racer, surfer, etc., etc. (you 
get the idea) 
Cody Boychuk, GHOSTRIDERX.COM is a full service online dealership.  You can check into 
it for the
coolest boards, t-shirts and more.  Also, stay hooked in for future contests and 
that will be posting in the coming months!

So what are you waiting for?  You already know that Flowlab's innovative Deep 
Carve(tm) boards give 
you the smoothest ride around.  You've already heard that riding it's the closest 
thing to snowboarding 
and surfing you can find in a skateboard (and it's not just your buddies trying to 
make you jealous, 
either...that's the word from such magazines as International Longboarder, Spin 
Magazine, Wired and 
Maxim - check out the press section at the site for more...)  And with GHOSTRIDERX.COM 
making it 
even easier to get the ride that turns asphalt into fresh powder - you've got no 
excuses.  So log on, 
click-click, and ride!

                                                                              # # #

For more information about GHOSTRIDERX.COM and Flowlab's Deep Carve DCS42 (suggested 
price $250.00) please log onto GHOSTRIDERX.COM or e-mail us at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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