On Tue, 21 Aug 2001 14:50, Raphael Pirker wrote:
> What does the ending "0700" mean in this line? (please don't refer me
> to the manual, I read through it...) are these the user-permissions as
> you specify them in chmod?
> mkdir ("/path/to/my/dir", 0700);

Yes - it's the mode of access to the file. man chmod should give you more 
info if you need, (if you are on *nix, otherwise $DEITY knows how Win 
handles this) but in particular:

  A numeric mode is from one to  four  octal  digits  (0-7),
  derived  by  adding  up  the bits with values 4, 2, and 1.
  Any omitted digits are assumed to be leading  zeros.   The
  first  digit  selects the set user ID (4) and set group ID
  (2) and save text image [`sticky']  (1)  attributes.   The
  second digit selects permissions for the user who owns the
  file: read (4), write (2),  and  execute  (1);  the  third
  selects  permissions  for other users in the file's group,
  with the same values; and the fourth for other  users  not
  in the file's group, with the same values.

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