Yes, and it works fine. It basically replaces the parser/compiler with a 
cache lookup when it determines that it can, and so the real scope for error 
is if it doesn't correctly restore the original post compilation/pre 
execution state from when the compiler was run. But at the moment it seems 
to, at least enough so that things work.

As an aside, and about dynanmic content - I also have client side code for 
transparent PHP database query caching, and display (e.g. HTML) rendering 
code that actually rewrites itself as more optimal code to a cache on the 
fly, all as an aid to get speed improvements. I wanted classes that 
implemented renderers, e.g. a label object, a block of html with a title, a 
border object that can put a border around other renderers. This makes page 
development much less an HTML writing job, and more a programming and 
component based job. This was great, but the cost of such dynamic generation 
was a performance hit, when in reality, most of what was now dynamically 
dynamically rendered HTML was really static, most, if not all the time. So I 
have a client side optimiser that can traverse a hierarchy of renderers, ask 
them whether they render statically, dynamically based on the state of data 
elements, or always dynamically. It then emits simpler code for the purely 
static elements, and either dynamic code or simpler code for the dynamic 
elements if their dependent data items are in a known state.  PHP makes it 
really feasible to do this kind of stuff.

So the dynamic display rendering works well, but it became clear that was 
really slowing things down was the fact that there was simply a lot of code 
to now parse and process, even with with conditional inclusion wherever it 
made logical sense. Hence the accelerator.


>From: "Christopher CM Allen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Reply-To: "Christopher CM Allen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 01:27:28 -0500
>Sounds great nick<> Did you sites run with dynamic content? IE database 
>querys, if so what did you find for results?

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