I'm trying to do mcrypt encryption but I continue to get the following

Warning: mcrypt module initialization failed

and this is the line of code that I get the error from:

$string = mcrypt_cbc("MCRYPT_DES", $key, $test, "encrypt");

I've also tried several different version of using the function
mcrypt_encrypt as well but nothing seems to work. In my phpinfo file, this
is what I have for the mcrypt module:

Version: 2.4.x

Supported Ciphers:
cast-128 cast-256 enigma xtea arcfour panama safer-sk64 saferplus des
tripledes blowfish gost rc2 safer-sk128 threeway serpent wake loki97
rijndael-128 rijndael-192 rijndael-256 twofish blowfish-compat

Supported modes:
stream cbc cfb ecb ofb nofb

Does someone know if I am coding something wrong or if there is a problem
with the installation of php (v 4.0.6) on the server that I am on? Thanks
for the help.


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