Hi all,

Just to confirm over the past week or so I have received enough interest in
the meeting for it to take place. The details will be as available at
http://www.phpuk.org/meetings.php For those who asked how to get tickets
please send monies to:

James Moore
Prospect House
Tower Hill

Please include with this:

Your Name,
Your Address,
Your Email address
Your Phone number

I Will provide receipts on the day to those of you who require them for
expenses etc.

If you contacted me about speaking and heard back then please let me know
that you are still willing to speak on the subject we spoke about or, if you
would like to change your subject please let me know and we can discuss it.
If you have not contacted me about speaking yet, but would like too, and
think you have something to offer, then please feel free to email me as I'm
sure I can find you some time in which to speak.

Any other questions and please feel free to email me about them too. For
thoese reading this on PHP General list I am not subscribed to this list so
please make sure you reply to me too.


- James
James Moore

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