On Tuesday 21 August 2001 16:53, Jay Paulson wrote:

> I have a slight problem.. I'm running php 4.0.6 on RedHat 7.1 and I run
> my script and it hit's:
> header("Location:index.php");
> well the thing is once it hits that line in my script and just fails,
> however i don't get any type of parse error the browser just says 404
> error page not found... could it be i forgot to add something when i
> configured and installed php on my machine?

(1) Add a space after the colon
(2) "Location:" should get a complete URL, i.e.
header ("Location: http://your.server.us/index.php";);

> and have it hit the header() line and i get teh 404 page error.. (and

A 404 can't come from parse errors or something. It *does* redirect you, 
but doesn't find the target file -> 404

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