In addition to scanning the results of

I believe there *ARE* records of who owns what IP ranges, and you could
*MAYBE* access them with Whois, SNMP, and/or other tools to make an educated

Nothing will be 100% accurate, however.

Why do you think you need this?...

If it's language, you can use the language-negotiation or
content-negotiation or whatever it is, but most users don't set their
browser up properly in the first place, so it's not real useful...  You're
pretty much stuck with the stupid/cute++ little flags interface :-)

++  Stupid or cute depends on how many times you've seen it :-)

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Subject: Countries and ip addresses

> Hello,
> How can I find out from witch country user is based on user ip address? I
> need this from php script.
> Thanks,
> Mihailo.
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