I am working on an image upload script and I've tried to use the variables
from $HTTP_POST_FILES however it seems that no matter how I try to get the
variables, they are always empty -- even though they are populated when
checking phpinfo();

[name] => arrow-block.gif 
[type] => image/gif 
[tmp_name] => /var/tmp/phph60272 
[size] => 857 

I got some info on it from php.net and attempt to echo as they have on their site 
however it displays nothing. 

echo $HTTP_POST_FILES['binFile']['name']."<br>"; 

I am attempting to get size/extension of the file to determine if its a valid 
extension and within the valid filesize range. 

Is this a server issue or just my php newbie-ness? If anyone has any ideas on how I 
can get this working, please let me know.


Jason Dulberg
Extreme MTB

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