Hello together,

I have been trying to benchmark the backend scripting for a flash online
game, for this purpose i wrote another PHP Script that uses fopen to
make exactly the same requests the flash movie would make with the same
timing, and writes a log of the game session into a database.
I run this script from the shell of a linux box using the php CGI
binary, and start it for a couple of times,
but somehow i rarely get more than 66 of those benchmark scripts started
simultaneously, neither on one machine, nor on two machines together, so
i guessed it has sth to do with my apache confguration, i set
startservers and min and maxspare childs to a high value to prevent the
httpds from crashing when there are more than 20 to be started in very
short time and set maxrequests per child to 256, but none of these
changes seem to affect the total number of scripts i can run.
The mysql keeps spawning processes of itself and i can still connect to
the database when i get to the max of running benchmark scripts, so
there does not seem to be a limit of some kind there either.

Sometime i get to start a hundred scripts or more, but they disappear in
very short time.
i have the outputs pointed to /dev/null when putting the scripts into
the background (start with &), when i start a single one with output
there are no error messages displayed.

I also noticed when looking at the output of 'top' i see few httpd
processes crashing saying <defunct>, this happens more rarely when i
heve enough httpds started before i start running the benchmark, but
some still crash, i can't find any messages in log files saying what
happened there.

The benchmark scripts should log errors if there was no response from
the server but i dont get any of those errors in the logs.

thanks in advance

Grüße aus dem schönen Kleve
Jens Kisters

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