I wanted to make a script to allow publishing from Netscape Composer using 
PUT request on my Apache server with PHP4. I have tried the example from 
manual. But i can not get the uploaded file. The 
$PHP_UPLOADED_FILE_NAME is not set and the 
$PHP_PUT_FILENAME allso is not set. Vhen I send the HTTP/1.0 404 
Error header (so I could see the results)and dysplaied all the variables using 
phpinfo(INFO_VARIABLES) i found there is no variable containing any 
information about uploaded file. Now I have Apache 1.3.20 with PHP 4.0.6.
But i have tried it with the same httpd.conf and php.ini on earlier version 
(Igess 1.3.13 and 4.0.2) and it did not work as well.

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