Don't know if this is the place to ask this, but I'll find out soon.
I'm trying to create a database in mysql that will hold information
About users, it will hold the path to a picture, and it will resize
Images on a page... sorry that's a really blunt description.

A user will goto this certain page...
they bring up the page and the page it self, coded in php, will
pull out of the database, the names of everyone that is registered
to this certain page.  It will list it all in alphabetical order.

For anyone interested... the page I'm working on is here...
I am having trouble figuring out how to do it, I'm new to mysql
And php actually... I just started learning it about a month ago
But I've done some pretty impressive stuff for php.  I guess
I just need some ideas on how to go about doing this project.

Going to that page will help you figure out what I have to do.
You see the guy that programmed that page before, did it all
In asp.  And I don't know anything about asp, and I was told
Not to learn anything about asp because it is "dumb" (no offense
To anyone intended)

Any help appreciated...

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