Hello all:

Just a quick reminder about our upcoming PHP training course.

We'll be holding a 5 day, hands-on, instructor-led PHP training course
October 1-5 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We're gearing this more to
newbies and medium-level PHPers than high-end advanced PHPers,
because our previous class (and phone conversations with
prospective students) has shown that they'd rather spend more time covering
some 'basics' in depth than skimming over a lot of stuff (5 days ends up 
not that long when trying to cover PDFs, graphics, DB abstraction and more).

More info is at http://www.tapinternet.com/php/ and we're also available to
take any questions by email ([EMAIL PROTECTED] to get me directly)
or 734-480-9961 (1-866-745-3660 tollfree) or even AIM
(screen name "phptraining").

October may be a ways off, but many of you may need to plan that far in
advance to schedule time off, get the boss to expense the trip, etc.  :)


Michael Kimsal
PHP Training Courses

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