Hi there,

well...I'm tired of searching so I'll drop a note here.
I've been busy working with php (4.0.6) sessions lately for an online
shopping cart, which works really great.
Only problem is, the temporary session-files are not removed after a certain
timeout occurs.
The "session.gc_maxlifetime"-variable is set to 1440 seconds, which means
the temporary session-files should be deleted after 24 minutes of inactivity
from the client side. Unfortunately, nothing of a kind happens.
A way around this problem is adding a cronjob which deletes session-files
older than say 3 or 4 hours or so.
I'd rather see a better solution...anyone?
And is there any information available on wether or not the error of not
deleting session-files has any consequences for newly created sessions?

Anyone out there, if you have a serious and professional solution, please

Happy php-ing! Danny.

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